Vegetation Management
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Vegetation Management

Our vegetation management portfolio includes pest control, weed control as well as chainsaw and brush cutting functions which include; the operation of the two-stroke engine machines and the maintenance and fuel calibration of all operating equipment.


Our vegetation management process is controlled by best practice methods as well as company developed procedures. These range from ensuring all equipment is fully functional at all times, easily accessible and well maintained; to outlining, monitoring and updating the costs and expenses associated to various projects on an ongoing process.


The company has 20 field workers who have received the relevant training which includes the following courses:

  • Environmental Vegetation Management.
  • ORHVS Module 1 to 10.
  • Chainsaw Operator
  • Herbicide Applicator
  • Brush–Cutter Operator and HIRA.
  • Basic fire fighting
  • Working on heights etc.


Please contact us for more information regarding our vegetation management services.