About the Company
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About the Company

Our Partners

The efficient delivery of services in our various fields of operation is our company’s primary objective. Although Vuhlovo has the skills and resources to manage and execute the majority of the projects that the company takes on, sub-contractors are required, from time to time, to ease work load or assist on a consultative basis. Throughout the years, we have built and maintained strategic working relationships with reliable sub-contractors who possess the necessary skills and professional services (within the relevant industry of operation) that assist us to delivery our various project mandates.

Company Ownership

Vuhlovo Trading cc (Vuhlovo) is a 100% black-owned company managed by black South African women, Veronica Mabunda and Vutomi Mabunda. Veronica formed Vuhlovo as a diversified trading company in 2005. Vuhlovo has managed numerous diverse contracts since its inception; ranging from Vegetation Management which involves brush cutter Chain saw operations herbicides applications and reeds cutting, stationery, security services, Motor vehicle repairs services and maintenance such as Transmission Repair, Suspension and Differential Repair, Airconditioning, Brakes, for the government white and yellow fleet for 9 departments in Limpopo Giyani. Vuhlovo is a registered merchant and has RMI accreditation.

Track Record

Vuhlovo is fully compliant with the relevant governing bodies of South Africa which include; the Unemployment Insurance fund (UIF), the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COID), the Construction Industry development board (CIDB), the South African Revenue Services (SARS) and the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).